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is an architecture and art practice based in bergen, norway 






Vol. 1 features:
Atelier Tomas Dirrix (NL): Ceiling for a Crater
Studio Muoto (FR): Public Condenser
Erika Nakagawa Office (JP): Momoyama House

Project Stories invites an eclectic constellation of architectural practices from across the globe to tell the story of one of their significant built works. Each volume brings together three edited project stories accompanied by individual conversations with the architects. Every story chronicles how an idea comes into being, making visible the diverse approaches and the merging together of various fields that go into constructing a work of architecture. Part essay, part picture book, the series takes the form of a visual reader as a way to ‘see the thinking’ behind the works and practices. Equally intended for students in architecture, architects and teachers of architecture, as well as anyone curious about the the creative process, this collection of stories assembles a wide range of situated positions, conditions and approaches to making architecture today — all equally diverse and equally legitimate.

Vol. 2 features:
BARarchitekten (DE): Oderberger Straße 56
Francesca Torzo Architetto (IT): Z33 House for Contemporary Art, Design & Architecture
Wolff Architects (SA): Pumflet-Summer Flowers & Watershed

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