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Location  Bergen, Norway
Client  Hordaland Kunstsenter



Status  Built

Design / Concept

Cristian Stefanescu

Apichaya Wanthiang

Text Contribution

Esther Tuypens



David Valen Aadland

Tobias Oscar Lehrskov-Schmidt

Markus Moestue

Bjørn Mortensen

Cristian Stefanescu

Apichaya Wanthiang


Bjørn Mortensen

31 buildings


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Physical space is a type of language and like language it creates meaning. Just as we use letters, words and sentences to form dialogue and stories, so too do we use individual materials and components such as walls, windows and stairs to construct rooms and buildings. As the day-to-day spaces we inhabit are gradually commodified, standardized and regulated, we move towards a more generalized way of experiencing, inhabiting and thinking about our physical environment.

The exhibition seeks out the spatial diversity that is largely hidden, inaccessible and removed from our daily experience, This search oftentimes leads to a focus on environments found in the peripheries, on the back sides or in leftover areas. Out of sight, out of use and out of mind. An extract from these environments is constructed within the Hordaland Kunstsenter at a 1:1 scale. A constellation of spaces are brought together, superimposed, via a circular inside-outside movement. Walls tilt, rooms multiply and openings reveal a new spatial narrative.

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