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Location  Bergen, Norway
Client  B-Open

Size  80 sq m


Status  Built


Auste Cijunelyte,

Bjørnar Skaar Haveland

Turid Skåden

Cristian Stefanescu


Apichaya Wanthiang (video curator)



Auste Cijunelyte

Bjørnar Skaar Haveland

Turid Skåden

Cristian Stefanescu

Photography  a-works

B-open serves to bring Bergen artists closer to the general public, to open up studios and processes and to share that with strangers. Video artists usually don’t have large sumptuous studios or production teams and their process of writing scripts, filming and editing often occurs in a secluded sphere. So each year’s iteration of cinema b-open is valuable as it is a spatial acknowledgement of the scope of contemporary video art in Bergen.

This year cinema B-open will be transformed into a video village – a temporary community for the screening of video-works from local artists. The urban structure of the village is grounded on the notion of sharing – sharing video work, sharing space, sharing information, sharing food and hopefully sharing experiences and knowledge. And its image is assembled from everyday structures and objects to generate a common space that is familiar yet open and generous in its meaning and hospitality.

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